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I was waiting for a screamer gor the whole game (~_~)

I couldn't do the first part. Then realized the sign was right.

esta buena 




5 bit, 6 bit, 7 bit more


Love the style, but I wish I could play this awesome game on my Chromebook

This was a trip. On windows 7 there is a glitch were the moving screen causes ghost screens that just stays there on the screen until you highlight them. I like to think this was intenional. I found it very cool


EPIC GAME !!!! Blowed my MIND!

wow man, honestly the best jam game ive played, it was rlly fun :D

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oop no linux version :(

will try playing the windows version when i have a chance, looks like a fun game


i found a bugi i i                i foud a bug


its intentional

I got there, you just got there in the glitchy version of the mountain.


OMG I LOVE IT I`M CRYIINNGGGG it's so beautiful and fun

omg honestly, the best jam game i've played so far

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Good job on 1st! Cool game. I really like the glitch effect and the jump mechanic is very cool! Can't wait to see the full version! 


Great this game. EPIC bossfight.

very EBBIC bossfight

Loved this game, was stuck at the "end" for a few minutes, now I feel like an idiot........

Why does the cube have a suferring face


I love it! The window moving really sells the glitchiness and the gameplay is great! I would play more of this.



its really good game i love it but i have some problems 

like window screnn 

a very short game

the window move evreywhere 

but its still good game 

i will wait for the part 2


hey thanks for commenting! im currently working on a full version of the game so keep an eye out for that!


oh thanks 

i really love your game <3


Check this out!

its your GAME!!!

oh epic! thanks for playing my game and making a video about it! 


Very cool game. we need more from you.


haha thanks! im currently working on a full version in my spare time so keep an eye out for that! my estimate on how long it will take is around 6 - 10 months. i also plan on joining more jams so that will be pretty cool!


Great game, very fitting of the theme and deserving of the win. How did you do that glitch with the window, did you use negative numbers for the window size? 

hey thanks! i used gml which has a function called <window_set_position();> so i set the x and y to a random number and the put it back where it was. but thanks for playing and i hoped thats the answer you were looking for!


Freaking cool

haha thanks!


WOW, nice game epic quest, this game is short but worth every minute... I think the music is also pretty great and the main character is very cool, maybe im gonna do some fan-art of our hero, i dont know their name but they deserve. Also Shoutouts to Smol Boy Gang.



haha thanks blaka! fanart would be amazing! and the main character does not have a name so uhh, do whatever. but thanks for playing

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love the cuteness and 4th wall breaking glitchiness! Wish there had been time for an alternative boring ending to give the plot more leverage :) [starts 8:30 into video]


hey thanks for making a video about my game! i was going to have an alternate path but the time constraints was a bit of a pain. but thanks for liking it anyways!


I tried to start the game and I could see the process open in Process Explorer, but no game window ever appeared.  I had to manually kill the process.  I'm running Windows 7 SP1 64-bit with an Nvidia GTX 960 GPU and an Intel Core i7-6700K.

yeah i havent tested the game on windows 7, sorry for the inconvenience! ill try to fix this problem soon!


very... VERY short, but I like it, the art is simple but charming, the music is ok, isn't bad and the gameplay is very unique, I want to play the complete game

haha thanks! im glad you liked it! working on the complete game right now so look out for that in a few months!

a simple game, an original gameplay, good animation, I loved it

haha thanks! im glad you enjoyed it!


Wow, for starters, the graphics and animation are very cute and super good, the idea of Jump is great and fun xd, i will not deny it was a little scary haha. I will wait for the next project!


haha thanks for playing kijo! i play on making a full version of this so keep an eye out O.O


i love it . good idea + good animation with particles and glitches makes this game good even it was pretty short. 

am waiting for the next project.

haha thanks for playing! i hope to continue working on this project and potentially release a full version of it!


Great Game, Honestly, Unique Gameplay, Good Aesthetics, Over All a Great Game :D  

thanks for playing! im glad you enjoyed it!